Cocalico Safety Team

The Reamstown Elementary School Safety Team has written a Crisis Response Plan to address emergencies that would affect the safety of our students and staff.

This plan is to go into effect anytime an unforeseen emergency impacts Reamstown Elementary School. It is the responsibility of the administration and staff to carry out the steps outlined within the plan. In the event a crisis situation occurs which has not been covered in the emergency operation plan, common sense and good judgment should be utilized by staff members when responding to the situation.

Reamstown Elementary School is dedicated to providing for the needs of all students and staff during time of emergency. No crisis plan can completely prepare the school community for catastrophic events, but much can be done to reduce the impact of these events, and, most importantly, care for and protect the students and employees of the school. This plan has been written as a major effort to provide for the safety and welfare of all people within Reamstown Elementary School.

It is the responsibility of all faculty and related staff members to become familiar with the emergency operations plan, and know how to implement it during times of emergency conditions. The safety of students, staff, and visitors shall be the top priority during any emergency situation involving Reamstown Elementary School.

To prepare for emergencies the following Cocalico Safety Team members and all school staff review the plan regularly and conduct drills.

Dr. Bryan Watkins (Principal)
Mrs. Danielle Pfautz (Assistant Principal)
Abby Bayley
Terri Barbera
Alicia Brandt
Carol Cook
Officer Eric Fisher
Samantha Hatt
Nicole Horst
Rhianna Kalesky
Kristin Knapp
Perry Lorah
Carrie McKernan
David Miller
Ned Schlegel
Deborah Stauffer
Rachel Weiler